Why Us?

JobOasis.co.uk is a portal which gives companies the opportunity to advertise vacancies on our job sites (and themselves via our Partners Profile Page) online quickly and easily. It’s our hope that you see value in this online advertising solution and it is very much our intention to build long-term, successful working relationships with customers. 

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Why use our services?

  • Tailored packages to suit your specific recruitment needs and delivering greater quality response
  • More space, a longer duration and lower prices give you better value for money
  • Online advertising offers greater flexibility and increased visibility compared to Offline
  • Speed-of-Response is instant and applications can be received within minutes of posting
  • Increased market awareness as jobseekers recognise your company brand and information
  • Improved company profile as candidates and competitors can see you recruiting for new staff
  • Non-Branded advertising allows you to maintain confidentiality in particularly sensitive situations
  • Copywriting can be provided where JobOasis,co.uk will draft and post your advertisements
  • Screening services are available where applications are filtered and reviewed against your criteria
  • Secure Login allows each client to manage their own profile and advertisements
  • Statistics are available to let you see how many views, click-through and applications you receive
  • Customer Service is direct and available 24/7 to ensure your requirements are met on time

Private Sector: finding the right candidate, at the right time and at the right price is important to any business. Good quality candidates are at a premium and it’s important that employers give themselves the best chance possible of finding the right candidate for the job. All sites offer excellent value for money and an essential tool for companies looking to recruit personnel.

Public Sector: it’s well known that there is a high percentage of the population employed in the not-for-profit sector and budget constraints are a common theme across all operations. The Public Sector recruits a wide range of personnel, at all levels, through different seasons and across a vast region. These factors have been taken into account  and we are happy to offer bespoke packages to accommodate the specific requirements of all organisations and associations.

Recruitment Agencies: All sites have been designed to cater for all businesses and the jobsite’s functionality is ideally suited to the fast-paced and high volume of vacancies experienced in recruitment